For far too long, the construction industry has hovered at the understory of the green building canopy, limiting its reach to low-hanging fruit sustainability initiatives.   


If we hope to regenerate an earth that the building and manufacturing practices of the past have exploited, we require bold and meaningful projects which generate net-positive environmental, social and economic results.  When a project's handprint (positive impact) exceeds its footprint (negative impact), we begin to reverse the trend.   

~ This is the basis for truly REGENERATIVE BUILDING DESIGN ~



Haleola’ili’ainapono, is a Bowers+Kubota demonstration project registered under the International Living Future Institute’s Living Building Challenge Certification program. The case study conducted by the local Hawaii architecture firm Bowers+Kubota, seeks to discover if a typical Single Family Dwelling located in an urban residential zone in Hawaii, can legally achieve what once was commonplace for all of Hawaiian People - the ability to live 100% off of the land, with the ike kuhohonu (deep knowledge) and kuleana (responsibility) to manage that land for eternal perpetuity.

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Finishing a project of this magnitude can feel a bit like chasing a rainbow.  We are close to completing the goals of the project but need your help to get us across the finish line. If you support this vision and lifestyle, you can become a contributor to our cause.  We are seeking partnerships with like-minded companies, organizations, individuals and entities seeking long-term relationships that showcase sustainable strategies for success. 

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